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Island Information


Nevis is located about 17 degrees North of the Equator, to be more precise, 17.10 N 62.35 W. With such a great global position you can't help but have great weather. The days average about 85 degrees F., but are tempered by the steady Northeasterly breezes, and the nights are an insomniacs dream with temperatures hovering around 74 degrees F. This climate is incredible even by Caribbean standards.

With very little humidity, cool sea breezes, and sunshine almost every day, you have to wonder why Columbus was in such a hurry to return home. Yes, there is rain, but it so soft and short lived that it is a treat instead of a force to be reckoned with. There are of course the odd hurricanes that blow through during the hurricane season (June 1 - November 30), but these are closely monitored by the National Hurricane Center along with other Tropical Weather agencies, and won't pose much risk to the average tourist. A small price to pay indeed, for heaven on earth.

Average Year Round Daily Temperatures in Fahrenheit

HIGH 83 82 84 85 86 86 86 87 87 86 84 83
LOW 73 72 73 75 78 78 78 78 77 76 74 74

Visitor Tips

Passport and Visa

For nationals of the United States, United Kingdom, Canada, and Commonwealth countries a visa is not required for stays of up to six months. A valid passport, birth certificate, naturalization papers and a return ticket are required.


The following items are duty free. 200 Cigarettes or 100 Cigars, 1 bottle (26 Oz.) of liquor, and 1 bottle of wine. Pets are not allowed in from North America but are allowed in from England with proof that they are rabies free.


The local currency is the Eastern Caribbean Dollar (E.C.), and is based on the U.S. Dollar. The exchange rate varies from $ 2.55 to $ 2.70 E.C. for one U.S. dollar. As usual the banks give the best exchange rates and hotels the worst. Credit cards and travelers checks are widely accepted.

Television and Radio

Most hotels have cable, so many U.S. network and cable stations can be seen. There are also local stations from Nevis, and other nearby islands that are available on cable. There are numerous radio stations that can be received from all over the Caribbean and even the U.S. Some good stations for local music and news are VON radio Nevis on 895 AM, ZIZ radio St. Kitts 555 AM, ABS radio from Antigua on 620 AM, and for a bit of a American slant on things WOSO from San Juan, Puerto Rico on 1030 AM. On the FM dial you will find far less, but you will find the GEM Radio Network scattered all over the dial. They play the same song on every station but from different islands.


It is very easy to get around Nevis by Taxi and local mini-buses. The mini-buses are my choice as you get to meet many of the local people and the price is great. All you have to do is flag one down, they are hard to miss as they are very colorful and are often have names. If this doesn't suit your tastes, and you feel adventurous, you can rent a car from many places on Nevis. The staff at Oualie Beach will be glad to help you with these arrangements.


The water on Nevis is from springs and wells. While we locals have never had a problem drinking the water, it is probably advisable for visitors to drink bottled water, or to make sure that your source of water has been chlorinated.


The electricity on the island is rated at 220 Volts 60 Cycles, but many places have 110 Volt suitable for American devices. It is best to check before you plug any device in. The Oualie Beach Resort has 110volts , 60 cycles in all the rooms.

More Island Info

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